Facts about Satoshi Nakamoto
Image by Jeremy Marx from Pixabay

Facts about Satoshi Nakamoto

1. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the creator of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

2. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be a Japanese man living in Japan, but his true identity remains unknown.

3. Satoshi Nakamoto is estimated to own around 1 million bitcoins, which would be worth around $22 billion at current prices.

4. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have written the Bitcoin white paper in 2008 and released the Bitcoin software code in 2009.

5. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have worked on Bitcoin until 2011, when he passed the project onto other developers.

6. Satoshi Nakamoto has not been heard from since 2011 and has never acknowledged being the creator of Bitcoin.