The most funny facts about Bitcoin
Image by Az1975 from Pixabay

The most funny facts about Bitcoin

1. The Bitcoin paper wallet was created by someone called ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ – but nobody knows who this person is.

2. The first ever Bitcoin transaction was for two pizzas, which were bought for 10,000 Bitcoin in 2010.

3. The FBI is estimated to own 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoin.

4. Elon Musk was once the CEO of a company called ‘TeslaCoin’ – which was a Bitcoin alternative.

5. In 2013, a man named Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin, which would be worth around $90 million today.

6. The original Bitcoin logo was an image of a gold coin with a ‘B’ on it.

7. In 2017, a Japanese man accidentally threw away a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin, which was worth around $127 million at the time.

8. Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity than the entire country of Ireland.