How to Speed Up Your Bitcoin Transactions
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How to Speed Up Your Bitcoin Transactions

The ability to speed up your bitcoin transactions is essential. This can be accomplished through several different methods. One method is to use a transaction accelerator. Another is to use a prepaid wallet that enables you to send funds at a faster rate. Finally, there are a number of services on the market that allow you to buy coins at a faster rate. These include ZenGo, Liquid Network, and BTC Nitro.

Liquid Network

Liquid Network is a sidechain built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that has been designed to improve speed and security of the currency. It is a layer-2 solution that offers quick transfers of assets without compromising on security or privacy.

Liquid functions as a settlement network for investors and trading desks. The company mainly caters to enterprise clients and traders.

The company has been developing the technology for about three years. Although it focuses on large Bitcoin transactions, it has also developed new features for the currency. Some of the key features include a unique consensus mechanism, a federated model, and two-block transaction finality.

Liquid Network also offers the ability to perform trustless Atomic Swaps. This enables users to swap cryptocurrencies without a third party. They can also carry out anonymous transactions on the network.

The sidechain’s two-way peg keeps the currency stable. There are two types of tokens issued on the chain: L-BTC and Issued Assets. Using L-BTC, users can buy digital collectibles issued on the chain.

BTC Nitro

BTC Nitro is a transaction accelerator that cuts down the time it takes to confirm a transaction. The service combines a network of private and public nodes with a robust verification process to make transactions go quicker.

BTC Nitro
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BTC Nitro’s paid service applies a nifty little algorithm to prioritize your unconfirmed transactions and apply a faster confirmation time. For a small fee, you can also enjoy a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround.

Another BTC Nitro offering is the free BTC Nitro Accelerator. This is a more basic service that is designed to minimize congestion on the network by prioritizing your unconfirmed transactions. As such, it is a bit slower during busy periods.

Aside from the free service, you can also get a premium service. With a premium account, you can have your transactions automatically included in the next block mined by network partners.

However, if you want to experience the true speed of a transaction, you’ll have to give up a few satoshis.


ZenGo is a keyless mobile app that allows you to securely store, send, and receive a range of cryptocurrencies. It also has a wallet feature that allows you to make trades with ease.

Although it may seem like an impossible task to keep track of all the cryptocurrencies you own, ZenGo makes it possible. You can keep track of your investments in seconds with its user-friendly interface.

ZenGo offers an easy to use mobile wallet that provides the same level of security as desktop versions. The built-in Web3 firewall combines with an advanced encryption protocol to provide an industry-leading level of protection.

Besides storing a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, ZenGo offers unique features that allow users to take advantage of dApps. Users can buy, sell, and lend crypto holdings to other users, putting up their “yield” as collateral for loans.

This innovative product includes an explorer that displays the status of pending transactions. You can tap on the pending transaction to view its history and confirmation status.

Transaction accelerators
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Transaction accelerators

A Bitcoin transaction accelerator is a service that speeds up the confirmation of your transaction. These services are run by miners. You can choose whether to use a free service or a paid one.

Transaction accelerators speed up the confirmation of your transaction by adding it to the mining pool. The mining pools prioritize the transactions according to their transaction fees. This increases your chance of getting included in the next block. It also reduces your wait time. But you need to know how to avoid scams before you use a transaction accelerator.

Most of the time, these services are offered by wallet providers and mining pools. You will have to check with them to find out their payment options. Some may even have a request quota.

Another problem with using a transaction accelerator is that it may not be guaranteed to prioritize your transactions. Many of the accelerators are fake.