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What Is a Drainer, Is It Possible to Make Money on It and with Whom to Cooperate?

Let’s look at a hot topic in the world of cryptocurrencies – crypto drauner and everything connected with it. Recently, many incidents involving scams and crypto assets have been recorded on the Internet.

What is a drainer and how does it work?

Drainer is a script that sends a request for approval or signature. A drainer is a script that stands on a template; when entering the site, a person will be prompted to choose an authorization method: drainer MetaMask, CoinBase, WalletConnect and 100+ other popular wallets are supported. After authorization on the site through the wallet, drainer script evaluates assets in different networks (depending on drainer).

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After evaluating and choosing the most expensive asset in the networks, drainer will ask you to sign a confirmation.

It goes to the channel or bot and all withdrawals are visible. And the wallet for which the money is being used is also visible.

In addition, drainer is an offer with an admin panel for setting up functions and operating logic. It is a cryptoscam offer from the organization you decided to work with. Which organization can you choose for this?

A reliable company to work with

Cryptograb is an official company that has been in business since January 2024 and, although not much time has passed, it is gaining momentum, which cannot but inspire respect and trust.

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This organization is a fully automated project, thanks to which you can earn quite a lot from crypto traffic.

Judging by its rapid development, it will be the leading affiliate program in the crypto scam industry, suitable for both experienced users and beginners.