Kraken Futures Crypto Exchange

Kraken Futures is a fast-growing crypto futures exchange offering both spot and margin trading for more than 10 cryptocurrencies. It is a subsidiary of Kraken, one of the oldest and most trusted crypto exchanges in the world.

Kraken Futures offers traders an intuitive interface with advanced trading features and low fees. It supports multiple order types, including limit, market, and stop-limit orders, as well as advanced order types such as iceberg, trailing, and post-only orders. The platform also allows traders to use margin up to 50x, as well as high-frequency trading through its API.

Kraken Futures also offers a variety of tools to help traders manage their positions, including margin call and liquidation alerts, customizable charting, and portfolio and risk management tools. In addition, the platform has a built-in news feed that displays the latest news and analysis from leading media outlets.

Kraken has been in business since 2011 and is well-known for its security and reliability. The exchange has never been hacked and is compliant with all applicable regulations. Kraken Futures is also highly secure, with features such as two-factor authentication, encrypted data, and secure storage of funds.