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Binary Options Signals Online from Vfxalert

The topic of binary options and earnings on the web has remained popular for many years. There is an interesting product — vfxAlert binary signals, and there is also an interesting official affiliate program vfxAletr, which allows you to earn steadily on this product.


vfxAlert is a service of free signals for binary options. Users can receive binary options signals online, by email, by SMS. There is a convenient terminal for trading binary options by signals. In addition to signals, the service provides analytical tools to predict the trend and training materials on trading and trading strategies.

Everyone who is somehow connected with traffic should pay attention to this binary options affiliate program — arbitrageurs, webmasters, bloggers, as well as those who are engaged in direct and targeted advertising in social networks.

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vfxAlert signals are more accurate than broker signals, because unlike brokers, the company is not interested in traders draining deposits. A team of programmers and professional traders is working on the accuracy of signals.

Partner program Options

Option 1

  •  70% of sales of paid licenses;
  •  70% of the advertising on the site.

Option 2

  •  35% of sales of paid licenses;
  •  35% of advertising sales on the site;
  •  Affiliate link to a binary options broker.
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The first option is best suited for owners of sites with subject as Forex, binary options, earnings, etc.. If your target audience already has a broker registration and trades, these users often buy licenses than register with a broker.

If your audience is represented by beginners or people who are not familiar with the topic, the option 2 definitely is for this traffic. It is perfectly converted into registration and further into deposits with a broker. 

Option 2 is suitable for sites with any subject.