What is a Bitcoin core?

Bitcoin Core is software that powers the Bitcoin network. It is the full Bitcoin client and therefore takes up a lot of space as it stores the full blockchain. It connects to other nodes in the Bitcoin network to form a full node. This node downloads a copy of the entire blockchain, which currently stands at over 200GB.

Bitcoin Core enables users to store, send and receive Bitcoin. It creates a wallet where users can store their Bitcoin and it also creates a record of all Bitcoin transactions that have taken place. Bitcoin Core is capable of validating and verifying all transactions in the Bitcoin network using a process called mining.

Bitcoin Core is open source software, meaning that anyone can view the code and make changes to it. It is maintained by developers from the Bitcoin community and funded through donations.

Bitcoin Core is the backbone of the Bitcoin network and is a must for anyone who is serious about using and investing in Bitcoin. It is the most secure and reliable way to use Bitcoin, as it is the only full node in the network.