What is a Bitcoin transaction hash?

A Bitcoin transaction hash is a unique identifier assigned to each Bitcoin transaction. It is a cryptographic hash of the transaction data, which can be used to identify and verify the integrity of a transaction.

A Bitcoin transaction hash is a 64-character string of hexadecimal numbers and letters which is derived from the data of a transaction. It is created by running the transaction data through a hash algorithm known as SHA-256. This results in a unique and irreversible identifier for each transaction.

The transaction hash is publicly visible on the Bitcoin blockchain and can be used to look up the details of a transaction. This includes the sender and receiver addresses, the amount sent, and the date and time the transaction occurred. It also serves as proof that the transaction has been successfully added to the blockchain and is immutable.

The Bitcoin transaction hash is an important part of the Bitcoin network and serves as a way of verifying that transactions are valid and secure. It is an essential part of the public ledger and ensures that all transactions are transparent and secure.