Civic (CVC)

Civic (CVC) is a blockchain-based identity verification platform that is designed to make identity theft, fraud, and data breaches a thing of the past. Civic is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is powered by its own ERC20 token, CVC.

Civic’s platform is designed to provide secure identity verification services to individuals and businesses alike. Individuals can use Civic’s services to prove their identity in a secure and convenient manner, while businesses can use the platform to verify customer identities and reduce the risk of fraud.

Civic’s platform is based on the idea of decentralized identity verification. This means that individuals are able to control their own identity data and share it with third-parties securely. Civic’s platform also uses biometrics to ensure that identities are verified accurately.

Civic’s ERC20 token, CVC, is used to pay for services on the platform. This includes identity verification services, data storage, and other services. CVC can also be used to incentivize users to share their identity data securely.