The most strange facts about Bitcoin
Image by Aaron Olson from Pixabay

The most strange facts about Bitcoin

1. Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency, meaning it was not issued or managed by any government or central bank.

2. The inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is still unknown. Although his identity has never been confirmed, some people believe he may actually be a group of individuals.

3. You can’t physically touch a Bitcoin, as it is completely digital.

4. The total number of Bitcoins that can be mined is limited to 21 million.

5. The price of one Bitcoin can fluctuate wildly—in 2013, it rose from $13 to over $1,100 in just six months.

6. There are currently more than 14 million Bitcoin in circulation, but only around 4.2 million are said to be in active use.

7. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and irreversible, meaning they cannot be reversed or charged back.

8. Bitcoin is not backed by any government or central bank, so it is not a legal tender.

9. In 2010, one Bitcoin was worth less than a penny, but now it is worth thousands of dollars.